Map Shield 99


Electronic map the Danub river region 375-845 km that reflects the navigation situation of the Danub.


Information system for transmission of digital map data NaviMap 2000


NaviMap 2000 is commissed by the Transport Ministerium of Bulgaria and gives the possiility to transfer bulletins automaticaly about the navigation situation of the Danub river.


Complex simulator for firing practice, protection and tactical training USATS


The USATS is intended to meet the weapon training needs at basic and advanced operational levels. The system comprises a state-of-the-art computer based simulator capable of handling a big variety of weapons (pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers) and training programs. The system flexibility enables you to precisely match your training needs, facilities, budget, manpower and capacity requirements.

USATS puts the trainees into the middle of a state-of-the-art interactive theatre quality digital video scenarios, big screen action and realistic surrounding sound. Driven by a high-end multimedia computer module and controlled from an instructor station, the simulator gives trainees the coaching they could never get in actual field operations and situational experiences far beyond the capability of conventional training.

The fire-back cannon Vrag is designed to operate with the series of simulators for small arms training USATS. It allows creating realism in simulation training as the trainees must learn to take cover while executing the assigned task.


Simulator systems for Antiaircraft Missile Complexes (AAMC) "Strela" and "Igla"


The simulator is designed to give combat personnel training knowledge and skills as how to operate the Antiaircraft Missile Complex (AAMC) as well as to improve the practical skills for independent combat action against enemy forces.


Simulator system for Antitank Guided Missile Complexes (ATGMC) "Fagot" and "Konkurs"


The tactical simulator is intended for training with guided missiles firing to provide practical education of soldiers upon combating against enemy's forces.

The simulator systems for AAMC, ATGMC and USATS are developed together with Bulgarian Army (BA) experts.
Those simulator systems are designed and produced by Navel Ltd. - Bulgaria and are certified by the certification commission of the “Test and check measurements of armament, equipment and materials” executive agency in the Defense Ministry of Republic Bulgaria.
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